Magic loop, Casting on

I want to learn the magic loop method. I live in a rural areal and don’t really want to drive 100 miles for needles every time I start a new project, so enter the Magic loop.
Except, I can’t figure out how the stitches are cast on! In the tutorial photos, the working yarn and yarn tail are at the same end, how? What am I doing wrong?

You can use whichever CO you usually do. When the working yarn and tail are at the same end, it’s a long tail cast on, but a knit or cable CO would work just as well. Backward loop isn’t a good one for the start of any project, but it’s not recommended at all for in the round knitting.

I use long tail for almost everything including magic loop.

If you are having trouble learning with the KH video maybe looking at still pictures will help.

The knitted cast on and cable cast in are good ones, too.

I just finished my first hat using Magic Loop. I loved it! Only near the very end did I need double pointed needles. I used a long tail cast on.

That’s correct. They are both at the start of the knitting for magic loop. Cast on the required number of stitches. Slide these stitches on to the middle of the cable. Count out about half the stitches. At the center point, slide one stitch to the left and one stitch to the right. Reach in with your fingers and pull the cable out. You’ll have stitches on both needles with the working yarn and tail both at the right side of the work. Slide the stitches from the front (with the tail) onto your needle. You will knit these stitches with the back needle that’s attached with your working yarn. But that’s how you do this. You reach in and pull some of the cable out from the middle of your cast on stitches. Sometimes it helps if you bend the cable slightly as you’re doing this.

Why did you need DPN at the end? That’s the beauty of ML…you don’t need to switch.