Magic Loop and My Nine Year Old

Is it at all pheasible that a nine year old is capable of learning the Magic Loop technique to make a hat? A local store is offering a class but insists that my nine year old would not be capable of this. I am irritated because they are making a judgement and they do not know him. He has watched the technique several times on video and although has not tried it yet, feels confidant that he could do it.

How are his knitting skills otherwise? If he’s knitting well flat, I’m not sure why he couldn’t learn to knit in the round (although I’ve never personally done magic loop).

Also, are you planning to stay with him during the class? Maybe they’re worried he won’t be able to sit through the class, will become bored, etc?

If the class is hosted in your lys, how about bringing him in w/some examples of his knitting to “prove” that he is ready and willing to learn magic loop?

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They may be concerned that a child would take more time to teach and take time away from other students and while it isn’t difficult it does require patience and attention. HOWEVER, you know your child better than anyone else so if you really think he has the patience and skill to master a new technique then go for it. :thumbsup:

When our son was nine years old - if he had the desire, he could very well have done the magic loop. It’s just the way his brain is wired. I agree that if you were there with him, he should be allowed to take the class. I can appreciate their concerns, however if your son is above average in the brain capability in this area, he should have the chance.