Magic Loop and ladders

I’m working on my third pair of socks using the Magic Loop method (one circular needle) and just can’t seem to get past those pesky ladders between needles. I had no problem when using DP needles, but this has me stumped. I’m using JaWol Superwash (a wonderful yarn) and have only used this yarn since discovering this method, but I doubt it’s the yarn, I think it’s me. I’m pulling the yarn snug between changing needles, any other suggestions?


I haven’t used the yarn you mentioned, but have had similar issues with Magic Loop knitting.

For me, a lot of it had to do with the stitch I was doing. Some hide it better than otheers. No matter how tightly I pulled, or loosely I worked, there that gap was! I’ve seen where folks vary the point where the gap occurs in the stitching to avoid ladders, but I found that to be a pain and slowed down my knitting.

I finally just bought a short pair of circs. I’ve used dpns, but find them a bit cumbersome. Or, it could be I’m just butterfingered!

Thanks for your reply. I have worked on two circulars for socks, but I really enjoy just the one needle, and am such a sucker for keeping at a problem until it’s solved. :??

I do 2 socks on one circ, and don’t have a problem with ladders. I do the first 3 stitches (or 2 for my kids socks) nice and tight, and then the rest regular. This works alot better for me than just tightening the first stitch.

Thanks for the suggestion! I will definately give it a try. I do one sock at a time myself and the yarn is so wonderful and the socks fit so perfectly otherwise I hate to think that that’s the problem. I’ll try it today and see if it helps.

Thanks! :thumbsup: