Magic elves!

Ok, idk what is happening! One second I am knitting… :knitting: then I go to get a snack, leaving my scarf behind for a moment. (yes i started one finally) I was halfway done with a row… Then when I get back to my chair… The row is done!!! I freaked out, but then again I was happy… less work for me!:woot: Anyways, idk who did it and I wasn’t going fast, sooo… any other reasons maybe?

Did you leave it sit in public? Maybe some other saavy knitter just finished it for you.

if this happens more often in your house… maybe I should send an unfinished project :smiley:

I have never heard of elves that actually knit. But then again I am no expert on elves… so maybe there is hope!

I was in my house, not at a cafe… My sister can’t knitt so, idk! All I know is that I love these elves for doing some work for a change in stead of just gaurding gold! :aww:

Another reply from the cat lover.