Magic DPN?

This morning I grabbed my backpack and went inside the truckstop for some breakfast. I had planned to knit a bit while waiting for my food and pulled my knitting out of the pack.

As I was at the point where I needed to cable
I unzipped the front pocket of the pack to retrieve the DPN I am using to do the cables. I couldn’t find it in there although that is where I always put it. I searched and search in that pocket, which isn’t very big. Scissors, vitamins, arthritis pills, and assorted odds and ends, but no DPN.

I figured I must have forgotten to put it back in there when I finished knitting last night.

When I got back to the truck the DPN wasn’t on the dash where I’d placed it while knitting last night. Hmmmm.

I opened the backpack pocket again and there it was, plain as day, just laying there inside the pocket.

How in the world do needles manage to do such a good job of hiding like that? It must be a magical DPN or something.

I felt like a real dolt.

you dolt! :wink:
jk, I can relate. that’s the story of my life - “I already looked and it wasn’t there!”. :aww:

That’s the funny bit, I am normally the one to find things when others can’t. I am usually very observant. Very out of character for me so I am sure it must be a magical needle.

the only person whose stuff I can find when he can’t is my 14 yr old stepson. then I hear him say my words… and being the horrible wicked stepb***h that I am, I tell him, “next time, please try to be more careful and more observant.” :aww::roflhard:

Mason, of course its a magic needle. Just like my car keys are magic car keys. They just suddenly appear in the bottom of my purse after I have searched the da*n three times already! :doh:


Mine disappear inside the couch. Someday I’ll take off the bottom of the thing and find hundreds!

I laugh at myself when I can’t find my dpn, go get another to use, and then find the first one when I go to put the second one behind my ear.

i once lost my drivers license. I checked all my pockets and still couldnt find it. 2 days later i went to wash said jeans. guess what was in the front pocket? yup. my id. magic jeans!


It might not be magic, but rather evil and twisted. :twisted::twisted::twisted:

Well, if that happened to me, anyway. :mrgreen:

The Yarnharlot has this theory that one day they’re going to remove the floor of the bus she usually rides and find dozens of dpns and wonder what the heck they are and how they got there.

Since you tend to hang out in truck stops, try a little plastic coffee stirer if you loose it again.

Have any of you read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? Maybe DPN’s exist in the same two universes that ballpoint pens do.


They’re among my favorite books, and you could well be correct. :teehee:

The files at our office are like that… 4 people could look for the same file 4 times, one right after the other, and it won’t be there… person #5 looks for it next and BOOM, it’s there!

We swear it’s the ghost…! (Our building was built in 1883 and was at one time used as a hospital.)