Magic Ball


I was mooching through my stash the other day, wondering what the hell all could be made from odds and ends of pale pink, white, lemon, apple green and light blue wool (right now, there are A LOT of babies and toddlers in my life) – anyway, as I hate waste, I was really wondering what I could come up with when I saw this:

If you don’t mind tying knots, then it’s a pretty neat way of using left-over wool.

Only problem I have with it is convincing the babies’ Mums that their offspring won’t look as if they’ve been in an explosion in a wool factory.

All the Best


i tried to do this with the little extras from cast-ons and bind-offs, but it just got my space too cluttered and i ended up throwing it all away :shrug:

Limey you should post or link to this post in the stashbusting thread in the KAL forum.

That’s a great idea! I’ve got loads of little balls of yarns I’ve been given and most of them are in pinky colours. I’m going to try that :cheering:

One of the great ladies on here did that, although I am at a loss for her name. She knitted charity sweaters, and they looked absolutely beautiful.