Maggi's Knits

I have a lot of Maggi’s Knits linen yarn. I don’t know whether to use one, two, three, four…strands???:???:

I’m making a drop stitch shawl. Has anyone used this yarn???

Here are the specs on the yarn:
[B]Maggi’s Linen" Yarn[/B]

“Maggi’s Linen” from the lovely, Irish MK Collection has been reviewed as the “finest linen/cotton blend we have ever seen.” The perfect choice for the casually elegant knitting or crochet project, “Maggi’s Linen” is beautifully crafted of 52% cotton & 48% linen and is often worked as a double strand to give you a versatile worsted weight. The mix of these two fibers assures memory, crispness & ease of care for all your spring & summer outfits along with spectacular home interior designs.

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Maggi’s Linen
(Color Shown: #09 Pale Blue)
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[B]Product Information[/B]

[B]Brand:[/B] Maggi Knits
[B]Yarn Name:[/B] Maggi Linen
[B]Fiber Content:[/B] Cotton Blend
[B]Ball Weight:[/B] 50g
[B]Yardage:[/B] 126 yds.
[B]Texture:[/B] Plied
[B]Yarn Weight:[/B] Worsted
[B]Gauge:[/B] 18
(Stitches per 4.0 inches/10cm.)
[B]Needle Sizes:[/B] 6-8 U.S. (4.25-5mm)
[B]Care:[/B] Hand Wash & Dry Flat or Dry Clean.

[U][B] Can anyone help me??[/B][/U]


Well, the description says,

is often worked as a double strand to give you a versatile worsted weight.
, so it would seem if you wanted something about worsted weight, you’d double strand it…if you want it thicker you’d use more strands and for thinner use it as it comes.

Interestingly, the yarn weight is listed as worsted in the “specs” below the description. Sounds like you might need to have some in hand to see how it really is.

What weight does your shawl call for?

Oh, how stupid of me…the pattern calls for worsted weight…Thanks