So I have a lot of magazines. I have subscribed to Ms since about 1993 and I have every one. I also subscribe to Bitch magazine and some other feminist magazines. So I have aa TON of magazines.

So my question is this: If you also have lots of magazines, what do you do with them? Toss them after you have read them? Keep them well organized? Store them in the attic?

I don’t want to throw them away but they are taking over. HELP!!

I am a magazine addict and I always had a hard time getting rid of the ones I liked, even if I had read them cover to cover. However, one day I realized the extent of the clutter the magazines contributed to and I started getting rid of them as soon as the new issues came in.

These days so many magazines are online and have archives of articles that you can access that it doesn’t make sense to me to keep piles of magazines around the house collecting dust.

Please consider donating them. There are many places. Nursing homes are a biggie. Our church recently had a drive for this.

I receive numerous magazines each week (for free through a little side job I’ve had for years and years), and I used to throw my magazines away too.

Lately, though, I’ve been giving them to a friend of mine who is going through chemotherapy. She has treatments every other week, and she’s usually too wiped out to leave her house for a few days, but she gets bored too. So the magazines help her get through the long days.

She’s supposed to be taking them to the place where she gets treatment. She spends hours there each month, and the patients are constantly looking for something new to read.

That would be another GREAT place to try. Maybe the hospitals too.

Just my thoughts…

I agree with Nathalie, donate them if you aren’t going to reread them again. There are organizations that would like to have them – hospitals, schools, childcare centers, etc.

My grandmother kept magazines for 75 years (among other things) and when she died 3 years ago, our family had a real chore cleaning out her house. We had to throw away 80% of the magazines because they were in horrible condition (mildew). The other 20% my mother & I kept because they were craft magazines in good condition (I currently only have 1% of those).

I’m with Feministmama. I also, have too many magazines. They are mostly craft magazines with a few Vogue. Some of them have how to do articles and patterns. I hate getting rid of them, but the nursing home idea is great. I donate romance novels to the library, that way, if I ever want to read them again, which I usually don’t, I can get a hold on the book easily.

Oh, those little old ladies would LOVE the romance novels!!! I used to see them in the library all the time! Most of the elderly folks can’t get out too much, so having reading material (large print is ideal) where they can easily get to it is great for them!

I keep the ones that I would read again, or do the projects in, but the others I usually recycle.

Donating them is a good idea though!:think:

My exMIL is a nurse and she’s always asking for magazines. When I moved I gave her all my back issues of cosmo. She takes them to the ER.

The ones I’ve kept (mostly knit, quilt and crafty ones) are in boxes labeled with the name and years of subscription. Instead of tearing out the projects I want to do, I have a list in my pattern binder that shows the name of the pattern, the mag it’s in, with issue # and page. :shrug:

I keep all my knitting and craft magazines, well the ones I like. I recycle the others by putting them in the recycle bin…

…or making recycled magazine bowls like this. (Instructions here)

Oh my… that is some great organization! One of these days I need to do that, too!

Silver, those are just too cool! :yay:

Neat Silver!

I have TONS of old magazines, and I do re-read them occasionally. I especially love my old Victoria magazines, and home improvement magazines, and of COURSE craft and knitting magazines.

I take my old Reader’s Digest magazines (and any others I pick up) to my local laundromat. The people who go there really appreciate them.

We also send magazines to homeless shelters from my church, so sometimes I take a few to drop off there as well.

This is soooooooooo cool!!! THanks Silver!!!

Ya know there is an old folks home across the way I could take them to, and laundromat is a good idea too. OK now I have ideas so I have no more excuses. Thanks y’all:muah: