Yesterday I got a magazine in the mail called Knit Simple, and the paperwork with it seems to indicate that FCEK is being turned into this magazine, yet, at the top it says “vogue knitting presents”. Plus…they aren’t giving me credit for all that I have paid. Did anyone else get this magazine? What the heck???

Id give FCEK a call & see what’s up. Maybe its a free copy of a new mag that they are putting out?

I’ve occasionally received a random copy of a magazine and it’s usually one that is put out by something I already subscribe to. Just a teaser I guess. :wink:

I got the same thing today and am totally unimpressed with the new magazine…I think I’m just gonna cancel the subscription.

I do like Creative Knitting, regular old Vogue, and Interweave. That’s all I’m gonna get from now on.

Carol, we are very much alike…those are my 3 fave magazines, too :wink:


yay for us!!! :smiley:

Okay, even though I slammed this mag, there IS a pattern in it that I want to make for a simple cardigan.

It requires a yarn that is 9 stitches for 4".

Now I’m guessing this is superbulky/polar. I have NO yarn for this and have two questions

  1. cheap source for polar yarn?
    or even better
  2. what kind of doubling up can I do to get this gauge (two strange of light worsted, perhaps?)

Any and all help is greatly appreciated

The Skacel yarn ad sweater I am working on calls for that same gauge. It’s equivalent to most bulkys {#6 in the numbered scale}. The yarn I am using is a chunky {#5 in the numbered scale}. I did up a few swatches until my tension matched the patterns, but it’s turning out wonderfully. To quote my LYS owner “make sure you cover the yardage”, since you will get more per ball in the chunky, but since you are doubling it, that kinda cancels it out. Clear as mud?

As for cheap alternatives, I checked at work, and there’s quite a few “cheap” acrylics that will work out, but I’m not sure what kind of look/use you are looking for.

I also got the new Knit Simple last wk. It came along with a letter saying:

“So why the change? Family Circle Easy Knitting was a joint effort between SoHo Publishing (the publishers of Vogue Knitting and knit.1) and Family Circle. When Family Circle was sold to another company, we decided to dissolve our contract. We at SoHo Publishing decided to produce a new magazine on our own called KNIT SIMPLE.”

There was a bit more as to what the new mag will have, etc. but that’s the main reason. I subscribe to Family Circle Easy Knitting. I looked thru the new “Knit Simple” and I don’t like it. So definitely not renewing my subscription.


It’s a vogue magazine. I read that in another mag that I have. It’s just a new mag from them.

Well its very hard to understand whether they are replacing FCEK (and if so then why am I not being credited for the magazines that I haven’t received) or whether they are a new offering…

Their website doesn’t say anythig about going anywhere :wink: I wouldn’t worry about it. I really think it’s just a Vogue publication. In my Creative Knitting mag, I got a little tag that said “send in for a free issue of knit simple, a publication by vogue” Or something like that. Doesn’t look too interesting tho, so I dont know if I will or not.

Here’s Knit Simple’s website

I contacted FCEK via email and am awaiting a response.

Please don’t cancel any of your FCEK subscriptions! I really think it’s just a rival mag from the same publisher. I believe that soho publishing publishes both the vogue and FCEK mags/books.

I got a copy of KnitSimple also and I’m not all too impressed either. However, the address label indicates that I have a 2 year subscription, so I’m certainly not complaining!!

oh wow, isn’t that nice!? :happydance: I want to looksy…[size=2]damnit.[/size]

I got this response. Still rereading it to kinda see what’s going on. But I think I may have been wrong. This Knit Simple may actually be a reincarnated FCEK

Hi Angela,

Earlier this year, SoHo Publishing Company, publisher of Family Circle
Easy Knitting magazine, made a decision to split from its Easy Knitting
co-publisher, Gruner + Jahr (former owner/publisher of Family Circle
magazine), and produce a new knitting magazine called Knit Simple. It is
brought to you by the same editors of Vogue Knitting, knit.1 and the
former Family Circle Easy Knitting magazine. Please do pass the word: We
are alive and well, just operating under a different name.

Thank you for your interest,
Leslie Barber
Managing editor

Uh oh…I asked for FCEK for Christmas… wonder if that will be a problem.

yea me too. I may just send in for the free issue…but who knows, if this issue’s a dud, maybe the rest wont be. Theres always off issues, and this is the first one from the transition.

White Buffalo. They have it pretty reasonable at Elann dot com (also check out sellers on Ebay)

Went to the website and they have a link (in small letters at the bottom) for KnitPicks. So they got that going for them.

thanks so much, Femmy!