Magazine for a beginner?

When I spend $10.0 or more at my yarn shop I get a free magazine. This is super fun for me since I have zero right now. (Vs the 300 or so quilting magazines!)

I want to subscribe to one - but really want one that is designed for someone more like me. As in simple - easy to read - beginner type projects.

I also Love Love Love Quilty the magazine and the You Tube episodes for beginner quilters. I am hoping to find something like that for knitting. (Not to mention I may have a little girl crush on Mary Fons!)

Any suggestions for the very beginner knitter? What is your favorite magazine or You Tube host?

I am going to need a lot of help!!!

I don’t have any magazine ideas, but I like,, and

Look up Liat Gat, and new stitch a day on you tube.

I like those sites too and also

There’s a magazine called Knit Simple but I have no experience with it. There are free patterns on the site however so you might see if you find them interesting and straightforward to follow.

You could also pick up single issues of some magazines and see if you like them before you subscribe either in print or online.

I’m sure you’ll find a magazine that you like. I don’t do magazines so I’m no help. I do like the videos by Sapphires and Purls (iknitwithcatfur) and Cheryl Brunette on youtube along with others already mentioned. Lion Brand has tutorials and things too.

I have always liked (LOVED) Knit 1-2-3. Unfortunately, I can rarely find it on the shelves around where I live and I’m not sure if it’s still being published!!

They have very simple patterns. If you enter “Knit 1-2-3” on google you can see what the covers look like.


this is the latest one ravelry references: - unfortunately it doesn’t say the exact publishing date, just ‘2014’.

I like Creative Knitting magazine, although I’ve never actually knit anything out of it. That is the only magazine that I’ve seen in the store where I both like most of the patterns and feel like I could even make some, if I tried. :wink:

knit simple magazine ( is pretty popular and i often peruse while at jo-ann fabrics…

A friend shared a link with me for a free 6 months subscription of any 6 magazines I want (her husband works in marketing & promotions). The offer is through, and I was looking through their selection trying to pick something out, but they don’t have any of these titles :cry:

28 different knitting magazines, and none that were recommended here!

If you want to signup for the offer, you can get on the download list at

if there are ANY knitting mags at all in that offer, you should try them, just in case. most mags will have at least a few beginner patterns, techniques, helper segments, etc. plus there will be other items in them that could help you later on when you have more experience and increased skills.

The last time I tried those trial subscription things I decided not to do it again. They made it impossible to cancel and kept wanting to bill me. I wish I dared to try again.