Made-up Mitts

I had a lonely ball of Cherry Tree Hill “Lambs Pride Bulky” yarn that I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with. Well, last night I got home late from work and couldn’t get to sleep. So, I turned to knitting and decided to make up a pair of fingerless mittens for myself.

I wrote notes as I went on the first one so I’d remember how to make the second. A side effect of this is that I now have a pattern written out for them… if anyone’s interested I’ll type it up and add it as a free pattern to my blog :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking!

:woohoo: Those are so pretty! Love that color. Don’t ya’ just love it when inspiration strikes especially when you can’t sleep?!?

Those look GREAT and I TOTALLY love that colorway!

Great job. You should be proud.:woot:

:woohoo: They look great!! I love that color!

Nice mitt! Creativity is one of the best parts of knitting.

Those are really pretty! I LOVE the yarn :heart:

They look great!

Very nice! And I love the colors.