Made two thumbs but I've only got one

I’m something of a beginner, and was very proud to make a pair of lovely mohair cuffed mittens three-needle style…

However, according to my pattern when I got to where the thumb was to be I was supposed to slip the loops off my needle and hold them with scrap yarn to be taken care of later.

I did this, but then realized that my thumbs were actually a bit higher, so then I made another thumb hole. This is the one I went back and knit into a full thumb. The problem is that I still have the initial thumb stitches held with a piece of scrap yarn, and even though it looks like it should be easy to fix, I can’t make my brain figure out how to join them without knitting a lump.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

:teehee: I can’t think of an easy fix…someone else might be able to but the only thing I can think of is to frog back to that point and put those sts back on the needle…cont to the point you want to start the thumb and then work it again… :hug: