Made my grad school decision!


I got accepted to every MSW program I applied to and finally made my decision (aided by a massive scholarship from my decided upon school :teehee:). I got accepted in the first round wave everywhere and had my choice of several really great programs (some of my schools accepted me less than 2 weeks after receiving my application!). Aahhhh, it’s such a nice relief…

So I’ll be heading back full time in September for a Master’s in Social Work and will do an extra semester in the summer to add a certificate in Behavioral Medicine on top of that (so I’ll have to take a few courses in the university’s medical school). Yay! This degree will lead me to be a licensed mental health counselor and I intend to focus on depression and grief counseling for autistic individuals and their family members; suicide intervention (I volunteer at a hotline); and the development of depression diagnostic tools for autistic and MR individuals. W00t!

Of course, now I’m all :whoosh::ick: :zombie: about the process for my accompanying Stafford Loans!

Congratulations! What school did you choose?

Hah, oops. Boston University. All those undergrads paying ridiculously overprice tuition costs are now subsidizing my education there :teehee:

Sigh, I probably shouldn’t get started on a rant about out of control higher education costs on this country!

No, probably not. :teehee: I think we’d all agree with you though. My daughter just got her master’s and she’s got loans she’ll be paying on for a long, long time. Fortunately she worked as a GSI so that helped for the second year.

BU is a great school, congrats!

:cheering: Very cool HamaLee! Congratulations! :happydance: My mom has a Master’s degree in social work too, and she’s a counselor. It’s not my field at all, but I still find it very interesting. And I admire you! I really don’t think it’s a job I could do.

Congratulations!!! Wow…it sounds like you have A-LOT of work ahead of you!!!


As far as the loans…that’s a piece of cake. I’ve done the paperwork twice…by myself. Once you get it done the first time, the next year’s a piece of cake – you have to reapply each year.

Good luck!!!

My solution to paying back student loans is just stay a student forever… I’m working up to about 80Gs now :shock: :shrug:

Congratulations!!! :cheering:

YAY congrats. Im a Masters student in the UK and i know how horrid it was tryingt o find the right school and get funding for it!

Congratulations! That is a great school! Good for you!

Congrats! I remember waiting to hear about grad school–ugh. I got my letter of acceptance and just cried happy tears! Good for you.

And yes…the loans. Ugh. I was soooo happy when I started making more than I actually owed…I told me boss “finally!!” He couldn’t believe it. Save those pennies to all those with young kids!! Hopefully my babies will have their college paid for before mine! LOL

:yay: Congratulations!!

ugh, loans. I took a 9.6 percent tuition increase hit in the fall. michigan is a dying state, and they just keep cutting funds for higher education, cause us students to have to pay a ton more. i cant wait for the day when college is so expensive that its no longer even worth it in the long run, people will freak.