Made it to row 9!:)

Yes, I know, but it only goes to the BO of the first sleeve. What comes after that? Don’t post another scan, just tell us - join yarn and attach to Right front, the other sleeve, what?

I did the divide part and looks correct:)

so i have even more questions, the pattern for the right sleeve says continue pattern. But the pattern is y.o k2 y.o with the marker in the middle. How do i continue the pattern with no marker?

Pattern for right sleeve

With straight needles continue Pattern for 3 1⁄2 ". ending with a P row
Next row: k1 sts, (k1, k2tog.) 6 times, (k1 k3tog.), 4 times, (k1, k2tog), 6 times,
k1 sts. there are 34 sts. knit 12 rows (garter st). Bind off

That’s the increase directions not the stitch pattern which is what the instructions mean. You want to continue in stockinette stitch - knit on RS, purl on WS.

okay:) thank you so much:)

I meant what comes after the dec instructions and binding off for the sleeve - I could see that in the scan you posted. What’s the step after that, after the sleeve is finished? Where do you go from there - do the other sleeve, work the R front or what?

Totally agree with Salmonac and Suzeeq! They are aces! :thumbsup: