Made it to row 9!:)

im on row 9, and i was wondering what to do when it says work pattern until 1 stitch before marker, what will i do with the 1 stitch?

and also the repeat row 8 & 9 thus inc 8. every second row until, i get the until part. But do i work row 8 & 9 until i have enough rows and stitches?

thank you! there should be a picture of the pattern of row 9

It says you’re to yo, k2 yo. Do the yO, k1, move the marker, k1, yo and do the repeat.

And yes, repeat row 8 and row 9 until the you’ve done the required number of rows and have the required number of sts.

Thank you so much:)

it says until there are 22 rows and 264 stitches im on row 15 and have allot more stitches then 264:( sooo im waaay off with what im doing, ive done the y.o, knit 2, y.o part on every second row threw the whole row. Im guessing this is the mistake ive done:S

Are you adding only 8 sts per increase row? And did you start with the right number of stitches in the first place?

Don’t forget that you do yo and k2tog on parts of that row, not just yo k2 all across it. You should have 4 markers on the needles which are between the k2 sts. You just do a yo before and after the k2s at the markers, not all the way across the row.

It seems to me that it takes 106sts to do row 7 and you increase 8sts as you knit the row so that you end with 114sts. You need to increase 150sts to get to 264sts. That’s a little less than 19 more inc rows. But you certainly shouldn’t be over 264 at 15 rows. It may help to keep track of the number of sts between markers and make sure you’re increasing the correct number from one marker to the next as a check.

After i have divided the work it says to continue pattern on the right arm, but what im wondering is which pattern? the one from row 9? and if so how do I follow this without markers?

It means the stitch pattern, which looks like stockinette stitch, so you’d just continue that.

It may also help to look at the picture of the finished garment. What pattern can you see continue on the sleeve? Can you scan a picture so we can see it? or can you give us the name of the pattern?

Heres the picture.

So i guess according to the pattern that all in all i need 44 rows, and 22 of these are incs rows?

If working on the top, the yoke part, yes, you inc every other row, so half the rows are increase rows.

Yes, its the top I’m working on:)

So ive begun to divide the work, but i have stopped because what do do with the yarn?

Ive divide the left front and im supposed to work 54 stitched then divide for the sleeve, but the yarn/thread is at the left front divide.
So I pick up a new ball of yarn? to divide the rest of the work?

Just do exactly what it says in the pattern. It says nothing about cutting yarn, you have to work across all the stitches, placing the various parts on holders. Knit across all the stitches with the same yarn to the 2nd sleeve, put the other front on a holder and keep the yarn to work on the sleeve.

Okay, so I just use the same thread and continue till the end? and when i assemble it im guessing I cut the yarn inbetween the divides?

There won’t be any yarn between the sections. You knit across the front, put the sts on a holder and then just knit the next stitches which are the sleeve and put it on a holder. The next stitch is on the back and when you knit those stitches and put them on a holder, it’s right next to the sleeve that you will knit. When you’re finished with the sleeve, and BO, then you would probably cut the yarn unless it says to seam up the sleeve with it and work the other front. Or you take the end of yarn and knit another section with that.

You’ve never said the actual [I]name[/I] of this pattern - it may be one we can look up and read further ahead.

Sorry about that. The pattern is from Diamond Yarn Corp. Book, 1965.
White Sacque. that all i know about it

Oh okay, what’s next after you BO the first sleeve? Anyway, there’s no gap with the yarn, after you knit the sts and put them on the holder, it’s like the yarn is still on the right needle, so you just knit the next stitch.

Okay, ill give it a go:) thank you guys!
I posted a pic of the pattern on the first page.