Made It Through This Term (w/Four Classes!)


I took on quite a load this term with four classes (in addition to an almost 30 hour/wk job and family). I’m going to graduate in March, and I had, after the summer, 10 classes left. With three terms to go, it broke down weird, so I took an extra class this go-round. What a rough nine weeks!!!

I took my last final last night (kind of blew it too in my anticipation to get it over with before I traveled across state with my daughter for a couple of soccer games). If the professor curves the final like he’s done with our other exams, I just might pull a 4.0 for the term (including all classes).

My knitting needles have totally been neglected!

Sad to say, my next round of classes starts on Tuesday.


My sister told me to just knit my little heart out today and enjoy. Gotta love her. She’s always got GREAT advice! :thumbsup:

Anyhow, I’m sure y’all can hear my huge sigh of relief. :teehee:

Good for you! Don’t worry, things will calm down!

Indeed finishing a term is a huge relief! Think how relieved will you be when you’ll graduate :happydance:!


no go do :passedout: til Tuesday.

It’s such a bummer when school gets in the way of knitting. Last year I was working full time and finishing my degree…I didn’t knit for months, i just didn’t have time. I think I’m making up for it now though. I’m in grad school, but I’m not working (student loans…a mixed blessing), so I have more time to knit. I think knitting your little heart out is a great idea! Just relax and take some time for you!

Congratulations! You’ll look back on this and think, “How in the heck did I do that?” What you are doing is extremely hard and you should be proud. I worked while I was in school as well, and I didn’t have children! I can’t imagine! Good luck on your next term and just keep reminding yourself it will all be over soon!! :woot:

Actually, each week, I look back at the previous one and think, “Thank you, Lord, for getting me through.” I know that it’s only by His grace that I am getting through this. I could never do this on my own.

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments! I knit quite a bit yesterday and finished about half of a booga bag for my sister (it’s going to be her Christmas present). I’ll probably have to stop for now, because I really need to get started on the next term’s readings. Even though I’m only taking three classes (which should be a piece of cake), I have two huge research papers to write and two or three other small ones. ::::::::::::::::sigh:::::::::::::::::

Nathalie - way to go! I’m only taking 2 classes and sometimes I think I’m drowning. You’ll be so happy when you’re finished. What are you studying?

I am majoring in Social Sciences and minoring in History. Because I am attending school online, I am limited in what programs are available. I would have preferred to major in History. Oh well.

I really am enjoying the learning process. I’ve taken quite a few political science classes – something I never thought I would do. It’s amazing how much more of the news I understand now. This past term, in one of my PS classes, we had to read news articles every week and comment on them. It really kept me abreast of current events, and it made me analyze what they were about instead of listening with a deaf ear.

That is definitely one thing I love about taking classes I normally wouldn’t take. I too a geology class and now I understand so much more about groundwater and sewer systems (which is not really all that cool to know about) so when there are floods here I can talk like I know what’s going on. It’s nice. :slight_smile: