Made by labels

Hi all, I’m new to this forum and would like to know if there is anyone who knows where I can get “made by” or “made with love” labels on the net that I can sew onto my projects for friends and family. If in the UK even better but not worried.

Welcome to KH! :waving:
Unfortunately I don’t know of any(I’m a newbie you know :oops: ), but I’m sure that the other fantastic knitters in this forum would know! Good luck :hug: :rofl:

Welcome Caroline.

Have a look at this thread

You can order them online at Herrschners - they have packs for strictly knitting, packs that have more than one yarncraft, personalized ones…just go to Herrschner’s site and look for “woven labels”.

I got some there too… they did mess up the name I wanted - but they sent me out new ones with correct stuff on it. So it was all good.

I got mine from I love the labels, I thought the price was reasonable but receiving them was a little slow. I got Made by the Knitting Needles of …, I go Quilt made by …, and Crocheted by … labels.