Made a mistake-not sure how to correct

I’m knitting a watchcap which has a twisted knit rib pattern. The pattern is for rounds of:

Twisted Knit 1, Purl 1

I was going along quite nicely when I discovered I’d purled when I should’ve twisted knit. I’m not sure how to correct it. Do I unknit back around to that stitch, and will I then be able to correct it, or is there another way. My biggest stumbling block in learning to knit is knowing how to correct my (many) mistakes. :frowning:

The stitch on the right needle is a purl stitch.
The stitch on the left needle should be a twisted knit stitch, but it’s also a purl. :doh:

Let the wrong stitches ladder down, one at a time to past the mistake.

Use a crochet hook to pull the bar of yarn through the loop. For purl, have the hook at the back. For the knit, have the hook at the front.

You’ll have to experiment to see how to make the knit into a twisted knit. I don’t think I could tell you without having it here in front of me.

Gulp. That doesn’t sound easy. Everytime I try and pick up a stitch I’ve dropped that way, I end up screwing it all up and having to frog the entire thing. I have so few FO’s, and SO many frogged items. :frog:

If it’s not that far back, I reverse knit… you know, sticking your needle back into the previous stitch and undoing it… one at a time though… which is why it has to be a pretty close mistake. I have done that half way around my hat before. I had created a yarn over by mistake and couldn’t live with the hole. :roflhard:

It would appear that I would have to “unknit” all the way around. I’m willing to do that rather than have to ladder down, as I don’t seem to have a handle on doing that right. I just wasn’t sure if “unknitting” around would work or not.

Unknitting always works, it’s just tiresome. Maybe someday when you feel like fooling around, make a swatch and practice. Being able to correct with a crochet hook saves many, many unknit stitches. I’m pretty sure there’s a video on corrections, has that helped at all?

What if you SQUEEZE the sts below where you DONT want it to unravel with the thimb and pointer finger of your left hand, whilst using your right with the crochet hook to fix that one stitch?

To make the stitch twist, just make sure that the LEFT leg of the stitch is the one most toward the front. If you inspect your other normal knit sts, you’ll see that the right side is “walking toward you”. A twisted st will produce the opposite.

Did you watch Amy’s video on fixing mistakes with a crochet hook?

Looking at the pic, you wouldn’t even have to take the stitch off the needle before putting in the crochet hook. Just put it in the hole below the mistake and then let the stitch off. It won’t ladder any further than the hook.

By now, though, you’ve probably tinked and reknitted several rows!

No, I haven’t messed with it. I just put it aside until getting responses. I have watched Amy’s video’s, and I have successfully corrected regular knit stitches that way. I need to watch it again to see how to do a purl.

I’ll watch the video again, then take a stab at it. Thanks so much for all the helpful advice! :thumbsup:

Kelly! You have inspired me! :cheering: Did you know that you can use rare earth magnets to do this? I just tried it! Put one on the front and one on the back of your work, and the stitches cannot unravel further because they hold so tight. Of course, you have to have some rare earth magnets lying around, which I do because I’m a big geek! :roflhard:

You mean everybody doesn’t have rare earth magnets lying around? :rollseyes:

To do the purl, just put the needle in back. Or–slap your forehead time–
turn the whole thing around and do it knitwise!

Or–slap your forehead time–
turn the whole thing around and do it knitwise!

You can DO that??? :shock:

What’s the back of a knit? A purl. What’s the back of a purl? A knit.

If you crochet a mistake on the wrong side, it will come out as the opposite stitch on the right side. See? Just like if you were doing a row of knits and accidentally purled a few in the middle, they would be knits on the opposite side.

So in reality, there is only one stitch in knitting. Sometimes we’re looking at the front, and sometimes we’re looking at the back.

How can a hobby with only one stitch cause so much confusion! :rofling:

Just don’t use the magnets that come out of your hard drive… we have a ton of them on our fridge and when you put them together, it’s a PITA to pull them apart… :shock: yeah? SO?! We are BIGGER nerds :hiding:

(Amy, you need to go find that “nerd” smiley) :roflhard:

I unknitted all the way around (one full round) until I got to the incorrect stitch, and fixed it. Phew! Do you realize “unknitting” is much slower than knitting? :rollseyes:

I’m back to going the right direction now. Thanks to you all for your help! :happydance:

Being able to fix knitting errors with a crochet hook is the real reason they were invented! Takes a few seconds. Don’t be afraid of it. :fingerwag: