Made a mistake and don't want to start over!

Hi there,

I’m hoping someone can advise me how to go back a couple rows and pick up a dropped stitch without completely starting over.

I’m making a scarf with an interrupted rib stitch (2 rows rib 1x1, then 2 knit rows, etc.). I cast on 35 stitches, and I’ve done about 9 inches of the scarf (yes, I’m slow) but then I noticed two mistakes–a gap a row back, and sudddenly I have 36 stitches on the needle!

Any advice would be much much appreciated. Alternatively, I’ll go back to the knitting store and ask but would be great to get going on it here.

Hi and welcome to KH!

Amy has a video under Fixing mistakes for a Dropped stitch…she uses the needle tip or you could use a crochet hook. You don’t need to back off those few rows to pick it up :thumbsup:

Thanks so much–any advice about the extra stitch? I’ve watched a bunch of videos and still don’t quite get what to do.

Oops sorry I didn’t mention the other issue…

I’m thinking that is prolly from a YO since you mention a gap. You could go back to that row and re-work it.

I would prolly find the st that is coming from the gap and drop it down to where the Yarn Over was created…

If you dropped a stitch, pick it up as in the videos and go on. But as for the extra stitch… But maybe you didn’t drop it since you have more stitches now. If there’s no loop below the hole, you may have picked up your work in the middle of a row and gone the wrong direction, which will make a gap in the sts. There’s no way to fix that other than ripping out back to that point, though you don’t need to start over. Watch the videos on taking out stitches one by one, or inserting the needle back into them. I think though, that you might have done an accidental yarnover, which adds stitches and makes a hole. That happens if you don’t move the yarn between needles but up over the top. Take a very careful look at the sts and see if that’s what happened. You can fix that by knitting to the stitch over the hole and let it drop down. You’ll have a little extra loose yarn between stitches, but that can be worked in to the sts on either side.

Thanks, I think that IS what I did, because I don’t see a loop below the hole. I guess I shouldn’t have been knitting while drinking a second glass of Valentine’s Day champagne :).

Ahh, but I bet it was nice champagne!