Made a boo boo on knitting my sock

I just noticed a strand of yarn over about three stitches in a couple of places, down about four rows. I need to frog to those mistakes, but goodness, how in the world do I do this? I used my spare needle to try and go under the mistake under one needle. I know I can’t just rip out that one needle and make it go down to there. Also, I don’t know which way to pick up the stitches. Do I insert needle into the front part of the stitch or the last part of the stitch?

insert the needle from right to left asx you go across the row. you could use a circular needle to pick up around the whole sock as they can rest on the cable.

Alternatives if it a simple pattern (like stockinette) then you could just drop thos stitches off the needle, run them down to where you made a mistake and then use a crochet neddle to work them back up properly.