Machine yarns for Hand Knitting?

I have seen several advertisements for machine yarns saying fine/fingering and worsted weights. It has lead me to wonder if they can in fact be used as hand knitting yarns. Thing is that in men’s any way I don’t ever recall of seeing a pattern for fingering yarn.
Any thoughts here?
ty Vixalin

A bit confused as to what you are asking. Do you want a pattern for a men’s sweater in fingering weight yarn? If so, you could do a top-down raglan in any gauge at any size, just need to do a little math.

Or, are you looking for superwash wool in worsted weight? This also exists and there are many patterns for worsted weight.

Usually machine knitting yarns are oiled and need serious washing. There is some info on about washing machine knitting yarns to be used for hand knitting.

Hope I have helped.


I bought locally some worsted weight remainders from a mill and used it to knit socks for hubby for work socks. Candice mentioned the only site I’ve checked out online and they do talk about working with the mill ends.