Machine knitting technology

I am currently writing a dissertation on knitwear design and how the innovation of machinery to create knitwear collections has had a effect on knitwear design. I came across you when researching knitwear designs and have become very inspired by your work i was wondering if you could help me as i am after opinions on my subject matter above, by answering a few questions.

When creating knitwear what techniques do you use , full fashioned and linked by hand or cut and sew or a other technique? And why do you use this technique in particular?

What machinery do you use to create your collections?

Do you feel there isn’t a lot of updated resources available for knitwear using older machinery?

What are your opinions on the advances in knitwear technology ? Full fashioned garments produce in a couple of hours?

Do you see the design craft of knitwear being lost because of technological advances?

Kind regards