Machine knit hat pattern done on needles?

I need a hat pattern for someone who may or may not lose her hair so an adjustable ribbon through eyelets seems like a good idea to me. I found this pattern Chemo Bucket Hat, Machine Knit Bulky which I guess is for machine knitting but I can do it on needles, I mostly needed a guide to get me started.

I’m thinking I can use a provisional cast on and work the brim in the round, knit the “hem” together from two needles and then just continue on as normal. Am I missing something important that could cause me to run into real problems? If it works out well and she likes it, I think I’ll probably make more.

This seems like such a simple thing to know but right now I can use all the help I can get in the thinking department.


If you want to make it a bucket type… Maybe cast on x then increase some to make the brim. You can create the picot by YO, k2tog if you want or purl a turning row. Then decrease to x and k2tog the cast on and the next row. I’ve made a hat with a ribbon drawstring by creating the eyelets at the edge of the brim although that one looks like it’s woven through the stitches which works. You may have to experiment with it a bit. Should be interesting.

Thanks, Jan, that’s pretty much what I’m doing. I’ll soon know how the brims working out. When I get to the turning row I just might try the picot edge. Thanks for explaining it to me. I’m keeping notes so I can know when to work the decreases on the other side of the brim. There is probably a pattern out there for needles that’s similar but I didn’t find it and thought it shouldn’t be too complicated. Because I was in a rush to get yarn and had to do it locally I went to Walmart and got a Peaches & Cream ombre called Love. The person it’s for loves pinks and reds and that’s what this is, with some white thrown in. Very bright and cheerful. I like the way it’s working up.

That looks like it should work out very well on needles. It’ll be a pretty and flattering hat, too.

I thought you might like to see the hat so far. I’ll start decreasing soon.

:inlove: Love it! It looks really good so far!

That’s really coming out nicely GG! :thumbsup:

Oh, that is cheery and the picot edging is a perfect touch.