Machault/voyageurs cap

i need an authentic machault/voyageurs cap pattern. i keep finding ton’s of pictures and descriptions online but no patterns. :wall: it needs to be shaped like a flat American football or rugby ball. NO ribbing anywhere in any form on it. that much i know for sure from my research. they didn’t do ribbing back then in colonial America or 1800’s France. Please help!! :waah:

Well based on this site (linked) they are double knit and heavily felted. If you join Ravelry you can get the pattern there for $4. This is the only one I could find.

Scroll down at this link for a photo of what the pattern hat looks like.

Here’s a “fake” double knit that is not felted. If you just knit it longer before decreasing you’ll get that extra length. Obviously not authentic though.

thanks Jan for your links. :muah: Unfortunately i’ve tried and to try and find what i need with no success. like i said they have plenty of pictures but no patterns or useful info. what i really need is someone to tell me how to basically do the ends. you know increases and decreases to give this cap the rounded end look i’m making this thing for my dad. i’m not very experienced at knitting so i really need help…

Lillielpr, I sent you an email.


They DO have a pattern, but it’s only for sale on Ravelry (free). Ravelry is free so joining is a good idea anyway.

If you want authentic I think that’s the way to go, but the other link will give you a similar looking hat if you knit both sides a little longer so it has that flopped over part.

I have followed the posts here to find a pattern like Lillipr was looking for. The only one I found is Sally Pointer on Ravelry. I was wondering if there is another one out there?
We have a British friend interested in having one of these caps for his re-enactments but I would like a simple pattern.

Not sure exactly what constitutes an authentic hat versus one that isn’t, but here’s a rewrite of an “old” pattern for a voyageur cap:

I found this by doing a simple search using “voyageurs cap pattern” as my search term (and there may be other patterns listed on this search, too, but I don’t have time to look).

Perhaps you should do your own searching (if you haven’t already) because only you know what you’re looking for and whether the pattern will create an authentic-looking hat or not.

I appreciate you looking even briefly especially after so much time between the last poster… Thank you!

Generally we can give you some direction when doing pattern searches, but this is such a unique object with (seemingly) very strict guidelines for what it should and should not look like that it makes it difficult for us to point you to links that actually fit the bill.

That’s why I suggested doing your own search–or at the very least maybe you could describe in more detail exactly what you’re looking for and how it differs from the patterns already posted. For example, what do you mean by “simpler,” as this pattern looks pretty basic to me? Do you mean you want one that’s worked flat . . . . or what?

I confess to being completely ignorant about these types of hats; therefore, the links in the original posts seem “good enough to me.”

They obviously don’t work for you, though, so what more do you want in a pattern to make the hat authentic . . . and doable?