MacGyvered Little Great Wheel!

I was curious as to what and how a spinning wheel would work so I searched online for some instructions n found this,
Here’s what I came up with. Had to McGyver a couple things (OMG how hard could it be to find a stupid pully wheel without those dang bearings in it?) It does work but I had to adapt how I drafted for it to work in somewhat of a consistent fashion.
I think the next one I’ll use a dowel that’s sharpened at the end to make a longer spindle and I’m trying to figure out how to make a treadle for it.
ETA: Oh yeah, it’s ratio is a halfway decent 10:1

you made this? wow, great work! :yay:

i’m not sure great wheels can use a treadle… i think the point of them is to spin it by hand? i could be totally wrong of course… i’ve only seen videos of regular sized ones on youtube and none of them had treadles… but i suppose it could be done! heh

Foxyie is correct - another name for the great wheel is “walking wheel”, as the spinner had to stand and take a few steps back to spin and forward to wind the yarn onto the spindle.

There are Great Wheels with treadles.

All ‘walking wheels’ are great wheels, but not all great wheels are walking wheels!

I’ll have to find a picture for you, but they did/do exist!

They’re called pendulum wheels!

ah! you learn something new everyday. :slight_smile:

That is awesome that you MADE that! WOW!

Well to update ya’ll n stuff.
I tore that one down… (sighs all around)
BUT, I AM building myself a spinning wheel WITH a Mother of All
yep yep yep, I’m building myself a ghetto bobbin lead bicycle wheel spinning contraption. I’ll show ya pics as soon as I finish it. WITH yarn on the bobbin… WOOHOOOO!!!

I know, I know, I just could not leave well enough alone.

K, more on the update,
I finally figured out a manageable way to attach the footman (good grief, that was a PITA!!!) And :woot: :clink: it actually works O M G !!! No it isn’t perfectly balanced, nope it’s definitely NOT quiet but hey, it’s an addiction n what cha gonna do but git yerself a fix uh huh!! Maybe one of these days when I win the lotto (if I ever play that is) I’ll get myself a proper wheel.

Awesome! You are a clever one!!!

That’s some awesome MacGyver-ness :thumbsup:

K for all of ya’ll who wanted to take a look at the “ghetto” spinning wheel here are a couple pics I took and yes a bobbin of singles on there to boot…

WOW! Can we see a pic of the treadle? Are you going to post instructions at some point? I did make a charka wheel, but it SHOULD be torn down. I do use it as a bobbin winder though…lol.