Mac Users (not OT)

Have you tried the speech commands?

Quite handy when you want to read the forums and knit at the same time. Other than the occasional mouse click, I tell the computer to go back or forward, page up or down, etc, and never have to take my hands off the needles! :woohoo:

And it’s fun…it will even tell you a joke, or tell you the time.

When I got my first Mac (well, first one that I purchased for myself) in 2001, that was the first feature I noticed. ^^ I love the jokes bit. My MacBook is my constant companion now and if I could find a voice that actually fit her personality (yes, my computers have gender, personality AND names … don’t yours?) then I’d use the access capabilities more - like having it read pages to me and e-mail and such. I <3 my Mac. ^^

Hadn’t thought of that one! Have never “trained” mine to obey the voice comands! (Love my Macs too!)


I guess I remember when they first introduced the voice stuff :???:, and haven’t tried it since… freaked me out – but thanks for the info that I could make it work for ME… will look into it tomorrow!! I have been using a Mac since '89! LOVE 'EM!

It is so easy and doesn’t require any training or anything. It knows all of the common commands already, but you can easily add your own too.

What OS are you running? I’m on 10.3.9 so I’m not sure about all that on mine, guess I should check it out! LOL


Don’t remember what I’m running at home, but I’ve done it on various computers for years, so I’m sure you have it. Have you looked under the speech preferences?

You were right, it is there! Thanks for the tip!