Mac Users - Give Me Feedback Please! LAPTOP ARRIVED TODAY!

Yay!! :cheering::cheering: Sorry about the DH part but yay to ordering it. I think the waiting for it was so hard! I agree that the thing that takes the longest to get used to is closing programs. And that when you X them closed, they are still “open” until you quit.


I think he knows he’s been beaten. He’s starting to come around. Just like when my kids got their rats and rabbit. He’s always leery of the “unknown,” but once he’s exposed to something new, he comes to the realization that it wasn’t so bad after all, and that he kind of likes being different (he actually picked up the bunny today).

Men… (sorry fellow male knitters) :wink:

when i get another puter, it’ll be a mac. not sure if i want laptop or desktop. hmmmmm. course, the desktops are such a small profile, it doesn’t make much difference, does it? :wink:

I love my macbook pro. I think it is extremely user friendly and there are so many gadgets to make it even more personalized, (mine responds to my speech commands.)

Unless you are going to be doing heavy number crunching or coding (my boyfriend complains when he has to use my laptop instead of his pc for that.) then I’d say it’s a great choice.

Just know that Apple is a control freak and sometimes when you only need one small thing repaired they will replace a whole bunch of stuff that didn’t need it and charge you an arm and a leg. I’ve dealt with that.

Macs? Love 'em!! Great choice! :inlove: :thumbsup:

Hubs and I have PowerBookG4s, his is the 17", mine is the 12", we also have an iMac in the other room.

Unfortunately, I have to use a PC at work, (and what a total pain in the @rse that is) which makes me appreciate my lil Mac even more.

Maybe your husband’s jealous because you’re getting a new ‘toy’?!! :wink:

My Mac arrived today!!! Two days early too! Dh called me about an hour after I got in to work and told me FedEx had delivered what looked like a computer box. I thought he was kidding. NOT!


I made myself take a mid-term BEFORE opening the box. Oh my. The kids gathered around and ooohhhhed and aaaahhhhed with me. Dd is green with envy. It is such a pretty laptop. Nice and thin too. I removed my bracelet and watch so I wouldn’t scratch it.

I’m getting things set up, and so far, the hardest thing has been figuring out how to scroll down web pages. It takes a special touch, I guess.

I am very impressed at how easy it was to set it up on my network, and setting up my network printer was the easiest thing I’ve ever done on a computer. Wow!

I got Entourage set up with both of my email addresses. Now transferring stuff to the calendar is going to be a bear, but I’ll get there slowly. I’ve still got so much stuff to do before I can permanently turn off the old computer. My classes are so busy that it’s going to take time.

But, I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you! Now I’ve got to shop for the perfect laptop bag. I want something nice to carry my newest “baby” around in!!

Congrats on your new Mac, you’ll never want to go back :teehee: