Mac Users - Give Me Feedback Please! LAPTOP ARRIVED TODAY!

Ok, ok…I know…I’m fickle (given my poll a couple of days ago).

Actually, I’m trying to be a very open-minded consumer.

I’m starting to toy with the idea of buying a MacBook Pro instead of a regular (PC) laptop. I called a friend of mine who absolutely loves macs (and knows my tech history). She trumpeted the wonderful things about these machines.

I can get a student discount since I attend college. They have a deal right now where you can get an iPod Nano free after rebate, which I would give to my son for Christmas.

I’ve been reading reviews and know that there are differences. I’m curious about how they handle wear and tear…how often they need to be repaired. I think the OS is pretty stable.

So, while I know they are more expensive, I’m starting to lean that way. I’m going to visit my local electronics store to have a closer look first.

Mac users, give me your feedback quick. The clock is ticking…(queue Jeoparday music)…

Thanks a bunch y’all!:muah:

my bf and several of my cowrokers love and adore mac’s. i think the macbook pros are a little more durable both physically and system wise.
i’m still a pc’er. but may change when i need a new laptop.

one thing you need to look at is any other equipment (printer, scanner, etc) and software you have to see if it’s compatible. my bf found out that mac didnt support his printer (the only one in the line that wasnt supported) or scanner and some software didnt work on it either.

I have both a MacBook and a MacBook Pro. I work in a design based field so I use them both a lot. They handle all the BS I give them very well. Definately invest in the Apple Care warranty. It covers your computer for 3 years and all the peripherals you use with it. For example, I was recently having problesm with my Apple Extreme Base, the wireless inernet router, which is no longer under warranty but because my computers are still under warranty I could get support for the Bast still.

Other than that, they’re really easy to use and viruses are almost non existant. I love my Mac’s and I’m thinking of getting the new iMac desktops that they just came out with. Depending on what you do on your computers, it may be beneficial to look at the desktop too. I love the portability of the laptops but I prefer to design on a desktop. Mostly because the screen is larger and at a better angle for me.

Let everyone know what you decide to get.

I love my macs and have been a Mac person from day one.
I have had very little to no trouble at all with any of the Macs I’ve ever owned. I have a desktop but one of my friends who is a web designer/animator has a laptop (ok, 2) and he loves both of them and uses them hard with little problems.

DH has always run pcs and cannot say the same. He is always reformatting hard drives and sending computers in for repair or just plain sending them back. He and his guys are hard on their computers and they don’t take it well. Our company owns more than a dozen laptops of various makes and models and they are more trouble than they are worth.

In fact, everyone who works for us would love for us to switch to a Mac platform except the clients are PC based so we have to be too.

I second the recommendation to get the Apple Care warranty. I have one for all my Apple products.

Best of luck, whatever choice you make.


Oh, y’all are the best! I’ll research the driver issue. I have an HP printer that is networked in my house, so I need to make sure there is a driver for it. I’m sure it’s probably okay.

I’m also a little curious about my iPaq. It’s Windows based, so I have no idea what would happen with it – if I would be able to synch it. That will take a little bit of research. BUT, I might be willing to sell it if not. I’m not using it as much as I used to. Since I just purchased a broadband card (which is Mac compatible…I checked), I really don’t need the iPaq except for the calendar, which I do live by.

My friend suggested that I buy a Mac locally so that I could get repairs done locally instead of two hours away, but my local electronics stores don’t sell them except if you buy online through them. I would probably just order through

Anyhow, thanks for the good advice. I’ve got some more research to do before I make a final decision.



I hope I can still get my two cents in. I’ve used them 20 years now as my main home computer-- started using them in HS, then college, after college, then grad school and beyond. I also have to use PCs at work – so I can use both without a problem. I prefer the mac because of the lack of viruses created for them and I am familiar with them. I’ve had a macbook pro since 2000 and my powermac G4 and I’ve had no problems. My mac monitor gave up the ghost last year, but that is it. I too, would make sure that whatever you get will support your existing peripherals and also get apple care. And too, keep in mind that with a dual core processor, you can run the windows environment and software on your mac…


Mac. mmmmmm…:heart:

Not too late! I’m about 90% sure I’m going to order one…probably tonight so I can get it in time for my trip next month.

I did look up the iPaq question, and it looks like I probably won’t be able to use it with the Mac OS. Apparently the synch software is not available for macs. But with the option to run a Windows partition, I could still use it. I’m just not sure that I want to open myself up to the virus potential (even though I know it still exists with macs…just not as with Windows). It would be nice to recoup some of my $$ by selling it on Ebay around Christmas, along with the parts (RAM) from my current desktop.

Thanks a bunch!!

I so wanted to reply to your other thread and say “GET A MAC!”. :roflhard: I have only ever used a PC in my life. Ever. I really wanted a laptop earlier this year and decided to get a MacBook Pro. Love it! :inlove: Having never even seen or used a Mac before, it is a piece of cake. Very small learning curve. If you can use a PC, you can use a Mac. I think the wear and tear is comparable to any other laptop. I do recommend getting the care plan though, just in case. I haven’t had to use it yet but it was recommended to me. I got an education discount on the care plan, as well as the computer. Not sure what size you are looking at. I have the 15" and it is perfect. The 17" is humongous. Makes it seem more like a briefcase.

Let us know what you decide! I swear if I keep getting the blue screen of death on my desktop computer, I’m going to replace that with a Mac.

Doesn’t matter where you buy it. You can get repairs done at any authorized Apple retailer. My local CompUSA does repairs. I got mine online. It shipped pretty quickly. I was very pleased. And you can get the discount online.

Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, we don’t have any authorized mac techs here. The closest one is two hours away. But, I’m hoping that I won’t need help anytime soon, given what I’ve read thus far about the machines.

bummer! hopefully you won’t ever have to worry about it. So are going with the mac? huh, huh??

I just placed my order! I’m a nervous wreck! Dh is not going to be happy when he sees the bill, so this thing better live up to all the hype!!!

My friend (the one I mentioned before) is absolutely green with envy. :teehee:

Welcome to the mac family!


Ok…so dh calls me and tells me about something he heard on the radio about someone’s mac breaking after one year and not being able to get it fixed…apple supposedly told him to upgrade. I don’t have specifics. Anyway, dh tells me it’s a bad idea.

I tell him, too bad, I ordered it last night. He’s going ballistic. Then he asks how much it cost, and I tell him. He goes ballistic again.

He claims that “noone” has macs…if they were so great, why don’t more companies and people have them…

I have a student loan that I am using to purchase it, and I will paying the loan out of my salary. I think it should be my decision. Plus, I did quite a bit of research yesterday and talked to someone who’s used them for years. She still has an iMac, a powerbook, and two others. She’s had them for over ten years and only had one battery go bad.

I’m sorry, but I’m really aggravated. I’ve learned that I just cannot talk to my dh about politics or computers (even though I’ve been a computer tech for years) because he seems to know everything. :wall:


:hug:Take a deep breath. There are always going to be stories of (regardless of computer manufacturer or make) “I have a friend who had a terrible experience with that computer” but that is just that. One story. That’s why you buy an apple care program – for the possibility that something might go wrong. I have had my Macbook for 7 years and it just now had it’s battery go dead (after 7 years!). And you are buying the computer, not him. I am guessing that was not purchased for him to use, but for you. Not only that, but just because HE doesn’t know anyone that uses them, doesn’t mean that no one else does. And if you need to run windows and windows software, you can-- you have a lot of options. I teach at a small university and I know a member of the biology department and comp sci department who both use macs at work at home. And those are the people I know of – several folks in the english department use them as well. But it is frustrating when someone does not support your choice. Just because fewer people use macs, doesn’t mean there is anything ‘wrong’ with them. Not many people own BMWs, but its a good car. :slight_smile:

Yes, you’re so right. It’s just like when we started eating healthy, and I banned certain foods from my children’s diets and certain other products from our home. They thought we were so weird. This weekend, after our soccer tournament, my dd tells me about one of her teammates whose family has their own organic farm, drinks raw milk, and uses many of the same products we do. She was amazed that we aren’t the only “weird” people out there.

Thanks for the support. It’s one thing for a friend to poo-poo your decision…quite another when it’s your own spouse.

Haha- your hubby needs to get out more. I am in school too, and also getting a mac with my loans (luckily my hubby- well fiance- fully approves, and was the one that told me too!)

My entire school, and the school I was at last year ONLY had macs. A lot of people are switching over and honestly, I can’t wait for my loans to come in so I can get mine…

I have used them before and there isn’t much of a learning curve- I mean, the hardest part for me was remembering to press the red dot on the left and not the red X on the right to close a window, lmao.

Anyway, I am excited for you AND for me-- and our nice shiny new macs!


Here’s to us! Course, with both of us in school, we probably could use the drinks!!!