M9 increase

I am making a [I]Spindrift Scarf[/I] by Lucy Neatby WWW.lucyneatby.com
The difficulty I am having with this pattern is the M9 increase. That pattern states :"Make 9 stitches into the previous YO Twice ( which is treated as a single YO on the following row). “Put the RHN from the front (as usual) and draw the new stitch forward, swing the needle above the YO2,throw a new yarn-over onto the needle, bring the needle forward and repeat four times”. My question is where am I putting my RHN into?

I read it as knit into the previous row’s yo and then bring the yarn forward and knit again, resulting in a yo and a knit stitch… Do this 4 times, so you’ll have a k,yo,k,yo,k,yo,k,yo,k in the one large stitch from before.

I agree with Ingrid.

treat the previous double yo as a single stitch, and k, yo, k, yo, k, yo, k, yo, k into the stitch.

Thank you!