M1's are too tight!

I am making a corkscrew scarf and the pattern says to k1 m1. All is going along fine untill I go to purl a row. It is so tight that I can not get my needles in. I am normally a loose knitter but am still pretty new at increases and decreases. Any hints on how to save my project? If I do need to rip and start over, any tips to make it looser so I don’t have to start over again? Thank You!!:blooby:
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WIP cork screw scarf
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There are a few different ways to do a m1. It might help you to try a different method.

You could have a look at the videos here:


If you have been able to manage to purl so far, I wouldn’t rip back, but I would try to figure out a way to execute your m1s more loosely so it won’t drive you nuts.

You might be wrapping the sts on the previous row the opposite direction, which causes twisted sts which are tight. Take a look at the knit and purl videos to check.

thank you. I think the problem is they are twisted. the loosen when I turn them around. Thanks again

When you M1 are you knitting into the back of the stitch, or trying to somehow knit in the front of it, which would be difficult to work with??? Just a thought.