M1R Tighter than M1L?

Hi all!

I’m very new to knitting and I’m making this baby blanket from Purl Soho here:

Can anyone tell me why my m1R look tighter and like there’s double the stitches than my m1L? I’ve watched the tutorials on them over and over and I don’t believe I’m doing them incorrectly.

Thank you for any help!

Welcome to KH!
I don’t know why there’s the difference. The two sts are made differently but it may be the tension on the yarn more than the actual mechanics of the stitch. Your knitting is so nice and even that that this slight difference at the edged isn’t remarkable.
You could test out a different set of paired increases, maybe M1A and M1T. There are videos here:
I’m not so fond of KFB but it works well with garter stitch and might fit will with your very good looking blanket.

Wow, what a great visual and explanations of these increases! I knit Continental and it seems most show English Method plus seeing all the diff ones one after another really makes it clear. Great having the video links with it too. I’m hooked now after seeing them with the M1A and M1T :slight_smile:

Thanks Salmonmac!! I think you’re right about the tension being the issue here. I started again closely watching and it is slightly better. I’m going to try the method you posted next.

Thanks so much for the help!