M1R & M1L on purl side

I have a pattern that wants me to increase every row.
It basically wants me to increase on the left for the RS, and on the right for the WS (so the increases create a left-leaning diagonal).

My question was: do I do a M1L on the RS, then a purl-side M1L (as seen in the Increases videos section) on the WS, or a M1L on the knit side, and a purl-side M1R (also located in the Increases videos) on the WS?


You’ll have to experiment on a sample to see how the incs look on the RS, I think. It fries my brain to think of L/R leaning incs, but once I can see how they look I can figure it out.

Yeah, I did a swatch earlier to see which is which.

Apparently the purl-side M1R leans to the right on the WS, therefore leaning to the left on the RS.

So for my pattern, I needed to M1L on the RS, then M1R on the WS.