M1R 2x Pattern Instruction - Please Help!

Hi everyone, this is my first post so please be gentle!

For once I decided to actually read the whole pattern before starting the project, and having read the section below several times I am still mystified…

• With a short circular needle 6,5 mm (40 cm), pick up the 48 (50) 50 (50) 53 (53) held sleeve-sts from 1st
• With new thread, pick up 2 (2) 5 (8) 10 (16) sts under the armhole opening from newly cast on sts at the
body and work them in stockinette stitch, M1L 2x (to avoid larger holes under the armhole opening), k 48
(50) 50 (50) 53 (53) sleeve-sts and M1R 2x = 54 (56) 59 (62) 67 (73) sleeve-sts (= 39 (40) 42 (44) 48 (52) cm
sleeve circumference) on the needle

I’m struggling to figure out what is meant by “M1R 2x” and “M1L 2x”, and can’t see how this would help to avoid large holes. Edit: I’m familiar with M1L and M1R, just not with the concept of doing two M1 increases one after the other as this would seem to imply.

I would be enormously grateful if someone could shed some light on this…and more than happy to feel like an idiot if it’s something simple!

I’ve never done this but I find it interesting to learn different things. There are a couple of videos here which show why this is m1 twice each time and exactly which bit of thread you take and why, I find it quite amazing seeing these things
Oh, these might not be exactly your pattern as I think yours starts with the m1 x2 then knitting around the sleeve and ends with the other m1 x2 where as these videos do it in a different order but I think it still helps to see where those makes are.

Very interesting. Maybe one day i will use this information myself.


Thank you so much for your super helpful reply. Having a little laugh at myself right now because Suzanne Bryan’s method is the one I always use, but I’d never thought of those picked up bars as M1s… Doh! Also, there are no decreases mentioned in the pattern so I assumed it was a completely different technique. Guess I’ll try it as the pattern suggests and have Suzanne’s method on stand by if it goes horribly wrong lol. Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it.

Glad it helped.
If you get stuck though do come and ask again.

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