M1L, M1R question

I’m making this poncho. As you can see in the picture, it has 2 stitches in the center front and 2 in the center back with an increase on either side. This gives the poncho the V-look down the middle. My question is this: the pattern just says to use M1L for these increases. I’m wondering if it’d look better to use M1R on one side and M1L on the other side of the 2-stitch center strip. And if so, which side for which increase? I always get confused about which way these lean and which way I would want it to lean. Thanks for any help!

I think in the centre, on the right side, you should do a M1L, and the next increase would be M1R. Might be helpful to think of the stitches needing to “point” towards the central strip. A M1R being on the left side, for example, would be “pointing” towards the central 2 stitches.
The pattern itself looks lovely!

If unsure about how I want the increases to learn I’d try it on a swatch to see what I like. I think when I do increases along a ‘seam’ i usually do a right leaning lifted increase, knit the stitches in between, then do a left leaning lifted increase. I’m not sure; I have to be doing it to know. I don’t like and so don’t often use m1 increases; lifted increases are faster, easier, and show less for me. If I did I think I’d do them the same way.

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I had to get my needles out to try this.

Sorry to disagree with previous post.

This poncho is knit top down.
The increases come OUT from the centre 2 stitches, not in towards it. Or think of it as pointing, the increase point OUT from the centre, not in towards it.

Think of the centre 2 stitches as “straight” when you have worked up to the straight column or a marker you want your increase to lean RIGHT and flare OUT to the right.
After the straight columnn or marker you want the stitches to lean LEFT or flare OUT from the straight column towards the left.

Place markers either side of the 2 straight centre stitches.
Work to marker. M1R,
slip marker, work 2, slip marker
M1L, work to end of row/round/next marker

Do you get confused about how to work M1R and M1L?
I did until I watched roxanne richardsons video. There are lots of ways to remember how to perform the 2 stitches but for me this is the one that I never have to look up again.