M1L and M1R Confusion

I just bought yarn to make this sweater, and the description for M1L and M1R in the pattern section of the pattern seem quite different from what Amy is showing in the video here.

If I do it the way Amy shows it, am I going to essentially end up with the same type of stitch???

Thanks so much! I’m really nervous to start this, but also very excited. My first sweater! :shock:

Cute sweater. Will you be using the Cotton Ease? I’ve been wanting to make something with that yarn.

Anyway, the directions and video Amy provides are correct. I see no discrepancy between the directions on your pattern and the method she demonstrates in the video.


Thanks, Laura. It just seemed different to me for some reason; perhaps it will make more sense once I work through the pattern instructions once.

And, yes, I am using Cotton-Ease, but I’m using Oreangeade instead of Banana Cream.

I just about couldn’t get out of Jo-Ann’s today – they had so many neat new yarns, and then I discovered that they actually started stocking some real wool! I guess they’ve had enough people ask about it, that they decided it would be worth their effort. So, I picked up a skein to try some felting, too.

Sure - it’s always easy to figure out when it’s someone else’s project!

Real wool at Jo-Anne’s? What a concept! Mine only has acrylic in every color and texture imaginable. Some kitchen cotton, but that’s it! Lucky you. Our local Hobby Lobby has nice yarns, though and Hancock’s has LOTS of Lion Brand.

I’m crocheting a top right now using their Microfiber Acrylic. It’s the first time I’ve used it and I must say it’s working up very nicely. No “fuzzing” like you get with acrylic.

Well, good luck with your sweater! Looks like a challenging project, but then we need to stretch ourselves every so often, right?


Well, maybe for someof us! (Myself not included in that group!)

Yes, I was rather surprised myself. I really think the knitting craze has hit hard here in the western suburbs of Chicago, and they just had to meet demand. As for the cotton: I can’t believe how addictive dish clothes have become for me! When I did my first one, I was basically doing it to just learn how to do a certain stitch, but after I washed it up and saw how nicely it turned out, I was hooked! I’m thinking a set of placemats for our new kitchen table might be nice, too.

I love the feel of the microfiber! I almost bought some of that for this sweater I’m making instead of the cotton, but since I’ve never done anything like this before, I decided I should probably stick with the plan. :slight_smile:

Thanks … it’s definitely going to be a stretch, and hopefully not a waste of perfectly good yarn. <sigh> I tried to start it last night, but was having a hard time getting started with the Intarsia joins. You cast on the side color, then the main, then the side again, and when it came time to join the two colors together, my stitches got all stretched out and messy. Plus, I somehow managed to increase a stitch somewhere. I still can’t figure out how that happened unless perhaps I stitched into one of the purls in the wrong place. Of course, it was after midnight, and that might also have had something to do with it. :doh: