i’m knitting the frontband for my almost finished sweater. i now need to slip the seven stiches that have been hanging out on a st holder on to a needle and join yarn. this i can do. the next instruction says to m1k, then (p1,k1) three times, k1-8 sts. i know how to m1k, but how do i do it before the first stitch? usually i pick up the piece of yarn that connects two stitches and make another stitch from there.

any ideas?


You could do it in the space that connects the held sts with the rest of the sweater.

As for a M1k as the first stitch? The only way I know to make a new stitch at the beginning of a row is with a backward loop cast on, but that doesn’t seem reasonable giving what you are working on. Or as Suzeeq said, use a stitch adjacent at the shoulder to M1…Where’s Ingrid? :teehee: Oh yes and the mfb make one front and back. Edited to remove my confusion about the number of stitches… doh, must not have been awake.

You do end up with 8 sts; M1, (k1,p1) 3 times, k1. That’s 8 sts. I’m thinking these sts were put on holders while the rest of the sweater was knit and that you don’t start at the outer edge, but at the edge where it’s next to the sweater.

I would use kfb. It’s easy and fast and almost invisible. Or if you want to just knit the first stitch and then use your normal bar increase before you work the second stitch. I don’t think it matters if you do your increase before the first stitch or after.