What is M1K? I went to the abbreviations and the videos and didn’t see this one listed. I’m sure it matches one of the others. Any help?

My pattern reads K1, M1K, knit to last stitch, M1K.


You lift the bar with the left needle from front to back and knit into the little back loop. I’m not sure what Amy calls it.

Okay, that sounds like it is M1F in Amy’s video.

Would I do a M1F at the beginning of the row and then M1B at the end of the same row if the instructions say “K1, M1K, knit to last stitch, M1K”?


Thanks for the help. Ya’ll are the bestest!!!

I wouldn’t. I’d just do them the same–they’re pretty invisible, anyway.

If you were forming a decorative pattern with M1 stitches, that might make a difference, but for plain old increasing, it’d just go with the M1K’s at both ends.