From what I have read M1 means make one stiich. How is that any different that just knitting a stiich?

M1 means to make an increase using the horiz bar between two existing sts.

For more info, there’s vid in the ‘Increases’ section.


You’re making a new stitch - adding a stitch. So you end up with one more than you started with originally. Try a library or a wool shop for a basic how-to book if you would like to learn to knit, or there are lots of explanations and tutorials online. And there are videos here showing how certain things are done.

I think you can find everything you need here. I learned to knit from this site! :shrug:

Here’s the page for increases. There are lots of kinds of M1s, but I use M1F/M1B for a M1 increase.


The M1 is “usually” done with picking up the strand between stitches and working it in some way. But a simple backward loop thrown over the right hand needle can also be called a M1 and will work in some cases. I like that increase and use it a lot. You have to consider your situation and what you want the outcome to be. Amy Finlay’s videos show a selection of M1s I think.

I am a relatively new knitter. I am knitting a scarf from my own pattern and I don’t think my right-slant increases turned out correctly. They look fine on the good side of the scarf, but they don’t on the wrong side of the scarf. That side will be hidden so it is not a problem, but I would like to find out why. I created the increase by looping it on the right needle for a right slant. When I flip the scarf over, the yarn/stitch is not meshed into the scarf. It looks like a slanted running stitch hanging loose. I hope I explained this correctly. I looped it correctly according to the directions or at least I thought I did. Is this the way it is supposed to look or did I knit it incorrectly when I came to that stitch? The left-slanted M1 increase came out fine. I don’t think I can move away from scarves until I get the increase down. Both my right and left slanted decreases came out fine. I used SSK and K2tog.