M1 stitch explanation... pretty please

EDIT: Answer is below.

I’m on the Purl side of stockinette and the 2 step direction given for M1 in this pattern says:

[B]Them: [/B]M1- step 1: [COLOR=black]Knit[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]into the [COLOR=black]back[/COLOR] of the stitch[/COLOR] in the [COLOR=black]row below[/COLOR] the 1st stitch on the needle.

[B]Me[/B]: Would that be the stitch below on the left needle? I’m not knitting through the center of the stitch below? So [COLOR=black]to[/COLOR] catch the back loop [COLOR=black]to[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]knit[/COLOR] it I come at it from behind the work? Help… explain? All the stitches facing me are purls.

[B]THEM:[/B] m1- step 2. [COLOR=black]Knit[/COLOR] into the front of the 1st stitch on the left needle.

[B]Me:[/B] Um, isn’t that the way I normally would [COLOR=black]knit[/COLOR] the next stitch on the left needle? Are they trying [COLOR=black]to[/COLOR] confuse me?

As far as being on a purl row and knitting into the stitch (it would be the back loop of the stitch below the one on your left needle) I’m not sure. As for the second part,
"Knit into the front of the 1st stitch on the left needle"
That would be the front leg of the 1st st that you just knit into the one [B]below [/B]it. So, knit into the st below, leave them on the needle, then knit into the 1st st as usual.

Just in case anyone else is curious or is just dying [COLOR=black]to[/COLOR] make this cute little turtle cloth. Here’s the linkof a previous thread which discusses this M1 stitch.

[COLOR=black]To[/COLOR] answer my own question… yes, [COLOR=black]knit[/COLOR] it from the back coming from behind the right leg passing into the center over the left leg (aka back loop) yarn over and pull it through onto right needle which makes 1 stitch. The second step is just a regular old [COLOR=black]knit[/COLOR] stitch.


Aaackkk… I meant to say `back loop’ instead of front leg of the stitch in the row below. Knitting into the front leg (of the stitch [B]on[/B] the needle) is the second part of this increase.

LOL, gotta admit there sQ, you had me even more confused when I first read the post. I didn’t know if it would matter if I was on the P or K side since I didn’t know what the heck the stitch was. And nope; doesn’t matter.


I just found this—http://www.knitting-and.com/wiki/Make_One

That’s the usual M1; the one in this pattern is different, that’s why they wrote it out.