M1 st in leg on st under the last st of 2tog/Sock heel

Hello! I am working on Arne & Carlos short row heel. I have the pattern AND have watched the video. I don’t understand where I am supposed to M1. In the video it appears the M1 happens under the K2tog on the right needle but where? Which stitch? I’m grateful for any guidance!

Thank you!

Could you link to the video please. I could probably find it but not easily. I expect the pattern is paid so a link to it might not help much.

Of course! Thank you for your willingness to help!

Welcome to KH! and helping each other is why we’re here. You are correct that he picks up the leg of the stitch for the increase under the k2tog. This is commonly called a lifted or raised increase. I found a video showing the knit version for you. It might help understand what he’s doing and what you want to do.

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The purl version took a little longer to find. Someone posted a link to a lifted increase in purl for me some years back.

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Thank you for taking the time to search out those videos! Your help is much appreciated!:blush::two_hearts:

You’re welcome. Did you get it to work? That’s what’s important.