M1 Question or I should say "Help!"

Hi Everyone!

I am attempting to knit an afghan and the pattern calls for ‘M1’. I know how to do a M1 but this pattern has the note -
M1: Inc by making a backward loop over RH needle.

The row this is in goes like this -
K1, p2, k2, (p1, k1, M1) 4 times, p2, k2 (22 sts)

I tried doing the M1 by wraping the yarn around the needle from the back clockwise but then when I do the purl stitch the yarn on the RH needle looks wrong. It looks as if I forgot to put the yarn in front when doing a purl stitch. Does that make sense? But if I wrap the yarn going the other direction aren’t I just doing a yarn over?

I’ve searched the internet and appearantly this is a technique by Elizabeth Zimmerman except I can’t find any illustrations that would help me see what to do.

I was wondering if anyone out there had tried this before and could give me a heads up on how to do it. Oh the pattern I am making, just in case anyone has made this before, is from a book called ‘Big-Needle Knit Afghans’ from House of White Birches. It is the Cable Blocks pattern on page 151.

Thanks for your help!


Hi Yarn-Addict, :slight_smile:

Amy has a great video which sounds like it covers exactly what you are asking:


(“Make One Away” - information including videos are on the top right-hand side).

I had to look at that video the other day!!! Amy, you rock!!!

Thanks so much! I can’t believe I did not look at the increase videos here! What was a thinking! I always look here first.

Now I have another question about this…How do I know if I need to do the M1T or the M1A?

Thanks everyone! This site is awesome!


Welcome Pam!

If it doesn’t say which way to do it, then just pick one and stick with it. If the increases are supposed to look symmetrical, than refer to the picture on the increase page, to see how you want them to look.

Hope that helps.


Thanks! I’m starting on the M1 right now. I’m also dying to start the double knitted heart hotpad. So many projects - so little time! :wink: