M1 purl?

Hi Everyone,

I’m making a sweater, my first one, and the pattern is asking me to M1. However, it is asking me to do so in a row that I must purl. How do I increase in purl? What is the standard way to increase in general? There seems to be so many different ways…


If it helps, I just finished my ribbing, and am about to start the row after, where the M1 is asked.

There are vids (‘Increases’) for working the M1 on the P side. There are both right- and left-slanted so you’ll have to opt for which one is appropriate for where you’re working it.


You do it the same way you would do a m1 on the knit side, lifting the yarn and all, but you purl it. With a twist in it.

I think I would do a simple backward loop added to the RH needle.