M1 problems - at end of row and with one row completed

Hi -

I have never made a baby bootie, or even two, before. 1. I don’t know how to use dpns, and 2. have lots of problems with M1. (make one).

One pattern I just tried had a row of knitting, then on the second row, a Make 1. It was super hard to find the “bar”, having only knitted one row. Another pattern had a M1 at the end of the row. No way could I figure that one out.


Try looking at the videos here and by searching in Google. There’s a great video for dpns under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, Advanced Techniques, Small Diameter Circular Knitting.
I can imagine that the bar between sts is not so easy to pick up so soon after a cast on. Try a different increase, maybe a knit front and back (kfb) in a st, in this case. It’s also shown on the videos tab under Increases.

An inc ‘at the end of the row’ doesn’t have to be in the very last st, it can be one st in. Instead of lifting the strand between sts for the M1, you can do a backward loop around the R needle. A kfb would work if it’s just to inc at the edge. And make sure to look at your pattern and see if it says ‘inc at [B]both[/B] ends of the row’ which would be one at the beg and one at the end.