M1-pb increase

Hi all,
I am working on a sweater with a lace pattern in it. One of the rows calls for “M1-pb” increases. The stitch is described this way: “With left needle tip, lift the strand between sts from 1 row below and purl into it without twisting it.”

I have a basic understanding of how to do a make 1, but what is throwing me off is that since I am lifting the strand from 1 row below where I normally would, I don’t know which way to insert the needle (left to right or right to left) and whether to do this in front of or behind the strand above it. I hope that makes sense!

Does anyone have any advice, or have you ever seen this type of stitch in a pattern before? I can’t seem to get past this row on my gauge swatch because I keep messing it up.

Thanks in advance!


You would insert the right needle as if you’re making a purl stitch. For the left needle, try both ways - inserting from the back or from the front and see which turns out better. BTW “lift the strand between sts from 1 row below” just means lift from the previous row, so there’s no strand above it.