M1 makes tiny hole...sometimes

Hello. I’m new to the forum, but not the site.

I’m making the baby raglan sweater from the Debbie Bliss Baby Knits Book. I’m using the yarn for the pattern (Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran) & size 8 needles. For the sleeves, starting on the 7th row (after casting on), and for every fourth knit row after that, you’re supposed to:

k3, m1, k to the last 3, m1, k3

Easy enough, eh?

I’ve been following the video for the M1F. It appears that I’m doing it correctly (lifting the bar between the stitches with the tip of the left needle and then knitting into the back of the loop). This is the way I’m supposed to M1, according to the pattern. I’ve been watching carefully to make sure I don’t accidentally knit into the stitch below (which I’ve done).

Sometimes it looks right. And sometimes, there’s a hole. The side that looks fine is the left (the second M1). The first one ends up with the hole.

I’ve frogged this sleeve probably 8 times now. At least. :grrr:

My poor husband fled the room last night.

Does anyone have any idea as to what I’m doing wrong? And any suggestions for making it right?

Thank you so much!!

To make the hole smaller you’ll need to do a M1B on the right hand side… the M1F is great for the left, but will leave a hole on the right. I hope this helps!


You’d think they’d tell you that. I’ll try it.


someone told me to try the KRL and the KLL and I just love them. I use it often and there are no holes. :happydance:

It’s working beautifully now!

Thank you so much!!

:muah: :cheering:

I’m making a sock where the pattern refers to M1L and M1R. Are they the same as M1B and M1F?

:oops: I actually only know this because of the great advice of kintqueen!

But, if you M1 on the right hand side you’ll want to do M1B and on the left you’ll want to do a M1F.

The abbreviation page confirms - M1F & M1L are the same and M1B & M1R are the same.

I’m so gald it is working! :cheering: