M1 L or M1 R?

I am knitting a baby shrug and am at the point of divide for fronts. The pattern says (RS) K3, m1, k to end…this is the left front. How do you know when to do a R slant or a L slant? This is right before the pattern tells me to start sleeve shaping. This always confuses me when the pattern just says m1 instead of specifying right or left slant. Thank you for any help.



According to the pattern the m1 is “make one st by picking up and working into back of loop lying between st just worked and next st.” You can do a M1R if you want and in that case, just see which looks best to you. Both are essentially invisible.

If the pattern doesn’t say, it doesn’t matter if there’s a slant or not. The one listed is M1L and it’s okay to just do that.

Thank you for your responses!