M1 increases too tight

I have to make 56 M1 increase but it is extremely tight . how do I fix this

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Are you doing the the M1 correctly? If you’re twisting the stitch it will be really tight. Are you doing the one where you pick up the thread between stitches?

Yes, I am picking up the bar between stitches then knitting it through thr baby of loop. SO K1 THEN M1

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I think it’s normal for the next row to be slightly tight. It may create a small hole/eyelet if you knit through the other side (in this case front loop since you said back), but it maybe worth a try if it’s that tight.

What is it that you’re making? Can you give us a pattern link or name?
I can see where multiple M1, k1 directions would be extremely difficult. Could you substitute another increase like knit front and back (kfb) or a knit right loop (krl)?

ETA: One other thought. You could put in a yarn over every other stitch on the previous row to give you the extra yarn for the M1. On the increase row, knit into the back loop of the yarn over.

the pattern is called baby kina by Tricot Kids, It is a top down pattern. Someone had suggested I simply do yo instead and then knit or purl thru back of loop on the next row

Very sweet!

I’ve made 3 Baby Kina sweaters, but I don’t remember how I did the increases. Here’s a link to one of them.

It looks like I did the standard M1 increase because I don’t see any holes. I think a YO would be fine here and decorative. If you knit through the back loop it’ll tighten the hole a bit, too.