M1 in toe-up socks

OK, in toe-up sock patterns, the first many rounds always have directions to m1. My question: which m1?

Should I m1r on the right end of each half-round and m1l on the left end? The reverse? (That’s what I’ve done in the past without the world caving in.) m1a? m1t? Bar increase?!?!? m1 how???

The only thing I know for sure is not to do a yo. :wink:

Ideas? Opinions? Does it matter?

It really doesn’t matter as long as you’re consistent.

Well, actually, I usually do yos for increases in toe-up socks ;). I use Method C in Denise’s toe-up sock tutorial.

But, as was said, just be consistent.

Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I didn’t realize that the nice, easy yo’s could be used with the extra instructions given there. Here I am, trudging along with the hardest increase I can think of, and I could have just yo’ed! Well, I guess I won’t grumble quite so much during my next toe increases.