M1 holes

I’m trying to make some baby booties and they use m1 to increase. The pattern goes k, m1, k11, m1, k, m1, k11, m1, k. The first and last m1 turn out fine, but the 2 ones in the centre keep leaving holes. I’m certain that I’m picking it up front to back and I’m knitting through the back but it still leaves holes. I’m working in garter stitch and every tutorial seems to be in stockinette. I’ve ripped these so much and I really want to figure this out.

Edit: I’m using the front centre bar between the stitches for the increase.

I found this tutorial for a different increase which may help you if the M1 is really not working.
Are you twisting the stitch? This helps to tighten up the little hole.
This may explain better than I can :grinning:

I believe so, I’m not exactly sure (anymore) what twisting it means? I knit through the back which is what I presumed was all you needed to do.