M1 help

The pattern I’m using calls repeatedly for a make 1. I’m doing it the way the instructions call for, but a hole appears. In the picture of the project in the book, they do not have a hole. Anyone have any ideas of what I might be doing wrong?

There are several M1 increases, some create a hole others not so much. Check the basic techniques tab and look at the increases.

Also…are you using M1 front or back?

The pattern didn’t specify what type of m1 it was, but I’ll check out the basic techniques tab. I’m new to this website, and it is so helpful! Thanks so much!!!

If you’re getting a hole I wonder whether you are not twisting the stitch? If you’re picking one up from between two stitches, you make a hole. You close this by twisting the stitch.

I don’t think I have been. Thanks for the insight!